STRIDER 14x Sport Steel Frame Kids Balance Bike

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Ready to create new memories and teach your little kids the best way to learn to ride a bike? Then check out the budget-friendly STRIDER 14x Sport Steel Frame Kids Balance Bike.  Instant success. That’s what we wanted kids to experience on the Strider 14x Sport. 

We put together all the right ingredients to give your tyke a taste of confidence to successfully shift from riding a balance bike to pedaling like a pro as quickly as possible. Why? The success your child experiences , when they ride a Strider, is going to stay with them throughout their life.

Kids from all over the world are learning how to ride on the 14x Sport.  The confidence and freedom that comes with learning how to pedal bike rockets  them into a level of the awesome sphere they didn’t even know existed. Plus, parents get to see their child grow and develop right before their eyes. Pretty cool, right? The 14x starts off as a balance bike, which helps kiddos who either haven’t been on a bike before or are veteran Strider riders gain confidence and balancing ability on a bigger bike.  Once your little renegade is ready to pedal, just attach the Easy-Ride Pedal Conversion Kit (sold separately) and VOILÁ!  You got the most adjustable, most amazing pedal bike in the world.

It gets better.  If your mini-me is sprouting up faster than a weed amped up on fertilizer, the adjustable seat and handlebars mean the 14x Sport will continue to fit them. Converting the 14x from balance bike to pedal bike is super quick and easy (we even give you the wrench to screw in the only bolt) and the pedal kit has coaster brakes making skid marks easy peasy.  Now, your kid is pedaling around the neighborhood thinking you’re a superhero for getting them a 14x.  They’re realizing their skills and freedom with newfound confidence and thirst for adventure.  And now, your neighbors all have to step up their parenting game.

In our quest to turn kids into amazing riders and awesome human beings, check out our Learn-To-Ride Pedal Guide. Become your little rebel’s biggest cheerleader with the best bike out there.


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STRIDER® 14x Sport Steel Frame Balance Bike Specifications

Frame Type

Steel Frame and Fork

Maximum Rider Weight 36 kg (80 lbs.)
Weight A bike without Pedal Kit 5.7 kg (12.5 lbs.)
Handlebar Height Strider Custom 22.2 mm, 68 mm rise, 25.4 mm mount, 4° back sweep/ 4° upsweep
Grips Strider Custom 22.2 mm
Stem Strider Custom Alloy/Steel, 25.4 mm Bar Mount
Head Set Strider Custom Polymer
Steering Clamp Binder Clamp (5 mm Wrench Adjustable)
Seat Height 38-55 cm (15-22 in.)
Seat Type

Strider Custom Performance Saddle

Seat Clamp  Easy Adjust Lever Clamp (No-Tool Adjustment)
Seat Post 22.2 mm x 293 mm
 Tubes  Schrader Valve Air Tube
Tires 14” x 1.75” All-Purpose Tires
Wheels Alloy Rims and Hubs, Chrome Spokes
 Type Included

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Sturges
False Advertising!

I purchased a Strider bike for my granddaughter and in the ad it says free shipping. When I saw my bill I was charged a shipping fee!I called and was told it only applies to certain bikes! The company agreed and said they’d talk to the webmaster but I-had to pay the shipping! Not impressed!!!

Hi Lisa, we appreciate your feedback as this will certainly help us to improve our service. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience please be informed that at Zoom Electric Bikes we offers FREE shipping on all purchases (for all orders over $500) anywhere in the continental USA (lower 48 US states). Here is the link '' for your reference. We appreciate your kind understanding. If you need further information, you may email as at Thank you and stay safe.

Love at first Stride!

What more is there to say? We got this bike for our three year old daughter a couple of weeks ago. The excitement was through the roof before we even opened it. After the quick assembly (that she even helped with) we were out the door. She immediately felt comfortable on the bike which effortlessly seems to take her wherever she pointed it. The handling, balance and traction the tires provide are so spot on. After taking her on a few rides, she was already asking to change out to pedal mode! I think a couple more rides and she may already be able to do it. This bike is a great tool in helping the development of pedal riding, and leaves our little girl grinning from ear to ear every step of the way!

Awesome bike!

We've gotten this bike for our 2.5 years old son. He absolutely love it. The 14X Sport bike feels very well built. It has longer wheelbase and larger wheel therefore provides much better handling. The lowest setting on of seat is pretty low so it's perfect fit. The pedals conversion is very easy to install. Once your little one have enough confidence of striding around put the pedals on and they will be pedaling in no time without the need of spare wheels. Another amazing bike that Strider has made.

Best bike around . Riding a 2 wheeler at 2 years old

After only a year and half of riding his balance bike we upgraded to the 14x sport with the pedals . He tried two times and was up and going all by himself . He's only 2 1/2 and can ride a two wheeler bike. I would definitely recommend this bike to anyone with small kids who want to learn to ride and want to skip the training wheels!