EWheels Medical

EWheels Medical 1-Year In-Home Labor Service Plan

Eligible Models

EW-M33, EW-M34, EW-M35, EW-M39, EW-M40, EW-M41, EW-M43, EW-M45, EW- M47, EW-M49, EW-M50.

1-Year Labor Warranty

One Year from the date of purchase, includes in-home labor for the first technician service call for the installation of warranty parts.


Initiating A Warranty Claim

To initiate a labor warranty claim, contact Ewheels service department at 888-571-2845, or “Service@ewheelsdealers.com”. Before a technician is dispatched, troubleshooting with EWheels service department is required, once completed a service technician will be scheduled.

Time Frame

A service technician will be scheduled to visit your home in a timely manner based on your geographic location. The majority of repairs take less than 7 business days to complete, while repairs in more rural areas can take slightly longer.


Consumable items which need replacing due to normal wear and tear, batteries, chargers, tires, tubes, lights, chains, upholstery and seating, brakes and brake pads, cables, fuses, motor brushes, buttons, shrouds and covers

Damage, Accidental Damage and Misuse

Damaged caused by: battery fluid spillage or leakage, abuse, misuse, accident, storms, fires, negligence, improper operation, excessive loading, maintenance, storage, commercial use, or use other than normal, extreme riding, modifications and alterations. EWheels reserves the right to void a manufacturer warranty due to abuse, neglect or

user error. If it is determined that the scooter was abused, neglected or damaged, you will be responsible for the entire cost of the technician visit.

The product is to be used for its intended purpose as described in the products owner’s manual. If it is determined that the products warranty has been voided through your actions, than the 1-year in-home labor service plan will not be provided and your service contract will not be refunded.

Original Owner Only

The 1-year in-home service plan is only available to the original owner. The service plan is also only available within the continental United States.

Replacement Product

We cannot provide a replacement product while your unit is waiting for repair.

Subsequent Visits

This warranty covers the complete labor cost of a technician’s first visit to replace an item covered under warranty. Subsequent visits are offered at a discounted rate as Follows:

4thVisit +-Actual Cost

Rural Remote Areas

Remote areas will be subject to a $100 per trip travel surcharge which must be paid prior to a technician being dispatched to your home.


Warranty parts will be shipped by FedEx ground, you are responsible for the part shipping cost. If expedited shipping is requested, you are responsible for the expedited shipping costs.