Rattan Warranty Policy


All Rattan bikes are covered under our manufacturer's 1-year all-inclusive warranty for the original owner against all manufacturing defects. (All free Accessories are not covered by warranty service)

  • 14-Days Money Back: For 14days after the date of delivery, return your Rattan product and receive a refund. Please refer to ‘Return & Refund policy’ for more information.
  • 1-year Warranty: We offer 1-year warranty for the bike and battery with conditions.

The 1-year warranty would be started since the initial owner has received it.The warranty would be registered automatically when the initial purchaser ordered it in the online shop. So the warranty is ONLY under the INITIAL PURCHASER and the 1-year warranty would be started since the initial owner has received it.

For second-hand bikes 

You can enjoy the warranty only if(not optional):

1.The 1-year package hasn't expired since the initial owner has received it

2.You have the initial owner's name & the initial order number.

For stolen bike

We are sorry that the stolen bike is not covered by the warranty. We recommend investing in a quality lock to protect your bike when you're not riding.

How to claim your warranty

Rattan will replace any and all component that is deemed to be defective or damaged (including damage incurred during shipment) without user error.

 1: Claims

All claims to this warranty must be made through Rattan and submitted to info@rattanebike.com. Proof of purchase and photos or videos of the damaged product are required with any warranty request. Before making a warranty claim, we suggest that you contact us at info@rattanebike.com as there may be a simple fix for your problem. Valid warranty claims will be processed through Rattan within 2 years of initial purchase.

Rattan will not replace any part without first seeing photos or video of the damaged product. Customer needs to provide us with evidence by email.

2: Shipping Damage Claims

In rare instances, the item received may be damaged during transportation. If shipping damage occurs, please contact  info@rattanebike.com and provide us with photo or video proof.

All free accessories will not participate in the replacement or compensation if they cause scratches during transportation.

NOTICE: we will not accept Shipping Damage Claims later than 7 days from receipt of products.


The warranty will be automatically expired if any unauthorized modification occurs. During the service ordering process, you must notify us of any unauthorized modifications, or any repairs or replacements not performed by Rattan, that have been made to your product. We will not be responsible for any damage to the product that occurs during the repair process that is a result of any unauthorized modifications or repairs or replacements not performed by Rattan. 

The warranty will NOT cover the problems caused by any of the following causes. 

1.Any misuse of the product, such as using the bike for commercial/rental uses, play dangerous act, etc., riding the bike on the abnormal road conditions

2.Any unauthorized modification to the product, such as disassemble the bike without direction by Rattan, faulty installation, repair, or maintenance by anyone other than Rattan.

3.The product has been in any accidents, such as traffic accidents

4.The product has been in extreme environment (including extreme temperature or humidity), extreme physical or electrical stress or interference, fluctuation or surges of electrical power, lightning, static electricity, fire, acts of God or other external causes  

  1. Anti-rust layer damage caused by misuse (the damage of anti-rust layer can lead to the corrosion and fracture of the parts).
  1. Caused by charging by a battery charger not intended or appropriate for use with the Battery or the improper use of a battery charger
  1. Where any of the seals on the Battery are broken or show evidence of tampering.
  1. Where the Battery or other component has been used in equipment other than the Bike for which it is specified

9.The corresponding issues on battery(electrical components) and e-bike will not be covered by the warranty after using a battery that is not specific to your e-bike model. We do not recommend you to use a battery of other brands on Rattan e-bike, although the output voltage of the other's battery may also be 48V, the battery protection system may not be the same, there may be incompatible situations leading to damage to our motors and dispalys. 


If you notice any problems under the warranty with your bike, please contact us at info@rattanebike.com with the Following Information:

  • Platform of the purchase, such as Amazon, Brand Store, etc. (If purchased on Amazon, Please also include the seller name on your order)
  • Order number/ID
  • The email and shipping address you used when placed order
  • Pictures/Short videos of the problems and a brief description of the problems

In most cases, we do not require you send the defective parts back to us.

For any repair outside the Warranty. Even if your problems are not covered by the Warranty, you can purchase the replacement parts from us. As the manufacturer, we offer competitive prices for the parts of our bikes. To purchase replacement parts from us, please contact us at info@rattanebike.com for further information.

*Note, we DO NOT accept return of the bike. If you have any problems with the product, please contact us at info@rattanebike.com Our dedicated customer support will be more than happy to assisting you.

Liability Disclaimer

 Riding any kind of bicycle comes with inherent risks and dangers that cannot be predicted or avoided. These dangers could result in a serious accident, injury, or death of the rider. It is the sole responsibility of the rider to become properly educated and prepared to ride safely. Once in possession of the bike, Rattan eBikes strongly encourages and recommends that all customers have a certified and reputable bicycle mechanic complete a full inspection of each component on the bicycle to ensure it is safe for operation. Rattan eBikes makes no claims or guarantees that the brakes, battery, frame, motor, motor controller, display, electrical cables, electrical cable housings, fasteners, grips, fork, stem, shifters, headset, seat post, seat post clamp, handlebar stem clamp, saddle, wheel hubs, handlebars, spokes, rims, tires, tubes, derailleur, freewheel, cassette, throttle, kickstand, lights, reflectors, hardware, bottom bracket, or any other part or accessory, will be properly secured and adjusted upon arrival. Before every ride fully inspect your bicycle to ensure everything is secured and adjusted properly. 

Under no circumstances is Rattan eBikes responsible for any damage resulting from damaged, defective, or improperly secured parts. This includes, but is not limited to, damage to personal property, personal injury, or death.