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Based in Reseda California, GreenBike Electric® was established in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2005 and is a leading manufacturer of electric scooters and electric bicycles.  They have extensive experience in designing and producing high quality electric bikes and scooters.

GreenBike Electric uses the latest technologies in the E-Bike industry while keeping it affordable and are committed to improving their collection and every year make newer and better designs that are suitable for all types of riders.

Zoom Electric Bikes is an authorized dealer for the GreenBike Electric Electric Bike brand.  We carry the best quality name brand electric bikes and trikes and your satisfaction is our main goal.

Speak to a Zoom Electric Bikes specialist today by phone - 1 (888) 333-9469, email - or chat with us as we can answer any questions and help you find the right Bike that suits your lifestyle and needs!

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