Fiido D2S 250W 36V Folding Electric Bike

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Looking for an affordable yet stylish electric folding bike? Then look no further, the best-selling Fiido D2S Folding Electric Bike comes feature-packed yet remains pocket-book friendly. The highly cost-effective D2S has been built to be light and portable, making it totally stress-free for urban cycling.

The strength of this foldable electric bicycle is provided by a high-performance brushless geared motor that has a maximum rate of 15.5 miles/hour. The endurance is 20 percent higher than the standard brushless gearless motor. Additionally, the initial torque is higher and ensures more smooth upwind climbs. The 6-speed variable of this folding e-bike motor that comes with D2S allows the rider to shift to smaller gears for speedy riding while using the higher gears are used for climbing uphills. ride effortlessly, changing the speed that is appropriate with moped mode. It features a 6-speed gearshift and a rear shock absorber to allow for a smoother riding experience. 

Fiido D2S 250W 36V Folding Electric Bike

Fiido D2S 250W 36V Folding Electric Bike Features:

Easy Control:The D2S 16-inch folding electric bike is equipped with a powerful electric drive unit and mechanical disc brakes, which extremely improves your daily riding experience, and the rider will not have trouble controlling the e-bike and enjoying their rides.

Stable Riding:Covering anti-slip texture, the 16-inch pneumatic rubber tires are wear-resistant and durable to use on different grounds, and the additional rear shock absorber contributes to the steadiness of the e-bike, therefore it may provide better road adaptability and comfort.

250W Power Motor:The power consumption is lower using high performance brushless geared motor with a top speed of 25 kilometers/hour(15.5 miles/hour), the endurance is 20% stronger than the normal brushless gearless motor, and the starting torque is larger, which guarantees smoother upwind climbing.

6 Speed Shift: The 6-speed variable system that comes with D2S enables the rider to switch to smaller gears for high-speed riding while the larger gears in climbing uphills, enjoy your journey effortlessly adjusting the appropriate speed combined with the moped mode.

Compact Size: D2S is perfect for users having limited storage space on account of its compact size, 135cm*40cm*110cm, and the folded size is only half of this, making it convenient to store in your closet, under the desk, or in your car.

We have an expert support staff, so should you feel dissatisfied, check out our easy return policy guidelines and warranty, then reach out to us for assistance.

Fiido D2S 250W 36V Folding Electric Bike Specifications:

MODEL Fiido D2s
Voltage 36V 
Battery Cycle Times  800 times 
Moped mode range (reference) 60KM
Max speed 25km/h
Working temperature -10~50°C
Frame material Aluminium alloy
Color Grey&white
Max load 120kg
Net weight  19.5kg(with battery)
Tire size 16×1.95inch
Ebike size 1350mm*400mm*1100mm
Folding size 750mm*350mm*650mm 
Charging time 5 hours

Fiido D2S 250W 36V Folding Electric Bike Manual:

In this manual, we will introduce you to the use and maintenance of this electric-powered bicycle. In order to better your riding experience. Click here!

Fiido D2S 250W 36V Folding Electric Bike


Fiido D2S 250W 36V Folding Electric Bike
Fiido D2S 250W 36V Folding Electric Bike

Fiido Warranty Information

Fiido Electric Bikes E-Bikes have a warranty against manufacturing defects and workmanship. Please click here for the Fiido Electric Bikes warranty details.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kent Axelsson
Fantastic Bike

Fantastic bike, and very quick delivery. Can recommend.....

Jo P.
In love

Im in love with Fiido D2s. I purchased it spontaneously and only researched about D2s within fiido shop. Later I found out about d4s and was almost regretting not getting that one instead. But now I don't think anymore about it and just cruise with my d2s to work and save tons on gas. The big is wonderful as it is without the assist. I have to go through some hills here and there and im learning where I can throttle or just get the higher assist and learning how to use the battery.