Delfast Top 3.0i 750W 48Ah 72V All Terrain Full Suspension Offroad Electric Mountain Bike

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Top 3.0i is the Best Offroad Electric Bike

Powerful and smart, this full suspension electric mountain bike (eMTB) also happens to be one of the fastest eBikes for sale in the USA. The push of a button transforms this Class 2, 20 mph law abiding electric bike into an Unlimited Mode trail monster with speeds up to 50 mph and more torque than you’ll ever need on road or off.

A 50 mph electric bike? Yep, it’s fast. The Delfast Top 3.0i is also the perfect combination of power, function, and intelligence. Up to 5000W of power on demand. The full suspension and all-terrain tires switch seamlessly from on road grace to offroad performance and grip. Class 2 to the office, Unlimited Mode on the way home. Packed with technology that works effortlessly from the fingertips on your phone or display, to the controller, the battery, motor, almost every component, and back again.

What is the best electric mountain bike to buy?
Pardon our not-so-humble opinion, but the Delfast Top 3.0i is the eBike with the perfect combination of Ukrainian grit and California tech chops. An eBike for city use or an eBike for terrain of a more unstable nature. Ride it as a specialized electric mountain bike or tame its wild side and use it as a mellow neighborhood cruiser. With riders in well over 20 countries and all over the US from NYC to LA and all those beautiful places in between, the Top 3.0i is equipped for all of life’s adventures.

Who is the Delfast Top 3.0i recommended for?

Best ebike for adults
The Delfast Top 3.0i is the best e-bike for adults who value power and range, and the onboard computer for on-demand analytics ensures that nothing detracts from enjoying the speed.

Unlock the Delfast Top 3.0i Electric Bike using the app or a personal passcode to experience the unrivalled power and record-breaking range of the best e-bike for adults on both urban and rocky trails.

Optimal choice for mountain ebiking
With high-performance 2.75-19 motorcycle tires that confidently traverse over any terrain, the Delfast Top 3.0i Electric Bike gets the number 1 spot on the Optimal Choice for Mountain E-Biking list.

The new functionality of the onboard computer, GSM 4G connection, and GPS make the Delfast Top 3.0i Electric Bike a nice choice for mountain e-biking to provide a super-intelligent riding experience anywhere.

Commuter ebike for daily rides
Whether you're commuting, shopping, or just riding around, the Delfast Top 3.0i Electric Bike, equipped with high and low-beam LED headlights as well as front and rear LED turn signals and brake lights, is without a doubt the top commuter e-bike.

Delfast Top 3.0i Electric Bike combines convenience and reliability; this top-of-the-line commuter e-bike, with new on-board computer functionality and record-breaking range, is designed to bring enjoyment to any ride, whether you need to complete a day's errands or just get out of the office for a walk.

The Top 3.0i is an eBike for adults, or for those with the dimensions and appetites of adults. Its height, weight, max speed and power are more suitable for those with the temperament to handle it. If you’ve been searching for an electric bike online, you found an electric bike that’s well-suited for college students, city commuters, and the adventurous alike. Up to 200 miles on a single charge leaves room in the outlet to charge that laptop, so responsible. Delfast holds the world record for longest range on a single charge.

Already a commuter? This eBike is a major upgrade of your conventional road bike. Optional side boxes to hoard your stash of manga, or more responsibly your briefcase, backpack, bento lunch box, spare battery and charger. Hauling cargo has never been easier or more convenient with the 265lb max load capacity of the Top 3.0i. Load it up and it will effortlessly take you over those hills on your way to work or school, so you can arrive on time clean and crisp as the morning breeze.

Who makes the best electric mountain bike?

Delfast is the only brand with a Guinness World Record for range and a Bonneville Salt Flats record for speed. The Top 3.0i is a hyper-intelligent eMTB, with a built-in onboard seamless CPU/Controller, Display, 4G, GPS, Bluetooth, Wireless Connection, Delfast | My eBike Ride App, Location Finder, Built in Nav, and then some. We back our eBikes with a two-year warranty and customer support to keep your tech running right. Analytics at your fingertips with the Delfast | My eBike Ride App from Google Play. Diagnostics sent in real time to our hyper-secure Delfast servers to allow the Delfast team to quickly service your eBike if needed. The alarm will deter any would be thieves, but the location finder can help you keep your eBike where you want it. Long night? Can’t remember where you left your pride and joy? Click on the Find My eBike function for an accurate location.

Need bike accessories or extra parts? We’ve got you covered for all scenarios and adventures.

What could you possibly be waiting for? Make the best off-road mountain eBike yours today.


With unrivaled power and record-breaking range, the NEW 2022 all-terrain Top 3.0i eBike provides on-demand analytics and crossover mobility to empower movement in urban settings and on rocky trails. The new functionality of the onboard computer and Android app unite to deliver a hyper intelligent, go-anywhere riding experience.

* Onboard Computer for on-demand analytics
* GSM 4G Connection and GPS
* Fully remote accessible eBike (no key required) * Unlock bike with app or manually with personalized passcode
* Bluetooth connection and systems integration * High and low beam LED headlights
*Passcode unlock * Front and rear LED turn signals and brake lights
* Immobilizer theft protection  * Quick start ON/OFF button
 * Gates Carbon Drive™ carbon-reinforced belt prevents rust  * High performance 2.75-19 motorcycle tires confidently traverse over any terrain
 * Regenerative hydraulic disc brakes extend your range  * Wi-Fi enabled backup controls computer when off-grid

Elevated Engineering & Intel


The new Top 3.0i eBike comes equipped with a computer that operates the onboard electrical equipment, makes energy usage more efficient, and enables the bike’s data to be collected and analyzed from different devices. Integration of the new Delfast ‘My eBike Ride’ app delivers all of this intelligence to your hand-held device.


Delfast Top 3.0i 750W 48Ah 72V All Terrain Full Suspension Offroad Electric Mountain Bike Specifications

Frame Tubular steel spatial frame

Front Fork: KKE fork with 203 mm stroke
Rear Shock: DNM RCP-2S (1000 lbs)

Battery 72V 48Ah Li-ion battery with BMS
Motor QS 205 V3, 182 Nm torque
Pedal Transmission Gates Carbon Drive™ single gear belt drive 22T Belt Rear Sprocket 132Т Gates Belt 46Т Belt Sprocket with Crankset
Tires 2.75-R19 motorcycle tires
Brakes Regenerative hydraulic disc brakes
Display TFT display
Seat tube 31.6 mm manual adjustable seat post
Lights LED high and low beam headlights Front and rear LED turn signals LED brake light
Charger Tubular steel spatial frame

72V 60A Torque sensor & throttle

Additional Functions
  • Bluetooth bike alarm
    Remote Control Keys (main & spare)
    Quick start Engine START/STOP button
    4G GSM connection & GPS (with SIM card)
Speed Modes:
  • Class 2 - 750W, 20 mph max
  • Unlimited - up to 5000 W, up to 50 mph
Brake discs
  • 203 mm (front and rear)

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