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The Tornado is another ECOTRIC masterpiece with a full-suspension electric mountain bike. It combines off-road and speed for excellent performance and experience in all aspects. It is the perfect commuter bike companion you can ever ask for.

This Ecotric Tornado 750W 48V MTB E-Bike is powerful and safe when riding. It is fitted with 26’’ X 2.35’’ mountain tires to allow you unimpeded ride on city roads and unfriendly terrains. It is your perfect commute bike to work, hikes, or picnics.

The 6061 high-quality aluminum alloy frame is superior in strength and weight allowing the bike to conquer many complex terrains. The newly designed central shock absorber maximizes the bike's shock absorption, and performance and reduces bumps on the road.

The right-hand front and the left-hand rear Hydraulic Disc 160mm Rotor brake system provide superior braking power and safety. The bike also features a strong aluminum alloy frame that can hold up to 260 pounds. The bike also comes with a 750W power motor, 12Ah high-capacity lithium battery, and LED smart display to give you the best experience that you would ever wish for from a bike.

Ecotric Tornado 48V 750W Electric Mountain Bike Features:

  • Powerful 750W Brushless Geared Hub Motor: operates on a powerful Rear Hub motor that can crank a power output of 750W. This is adequate to steer the bike on rough and unfriendly surfaces.
    • Strong power
    • High efficiency
    • Quieter, lighter, smoother
    • Revolutions: 320±10rpm
    • Pure electric power mileage: over 19 miles.
    • Pedal-assist (when pedaling, the motor will provide power to assist the riding)
    • Throttle control.
    • Small deviations may exist, but they will be within the margin of error
  • Long-lasting Battery Capacity:Ride further distances, and go for a longer time with the 48V lithium-ion battery.
    • High energy density
    • 400-600 cycles service life
    • Up to 20+ mile range
    • Samsung cells
    • An 18-month warranty Pure electric power mileage: over 19 miles.
  • Efficient Braking & Tires: The front and rear wheels are fitted with the Hydraulic Disc 160mm Rotor brakes for efficient braking at all times.
    • 26" × 2.35" Mountain Tires
    • Adapt to mountains, sand, and other complex topography
    • Inner tube: 26*2.20/2.35
    • Valve stem: American standard size
    • Attached: valve cap.
  • 7-speed Shimano: Runs on the Shimano 7 Gears changing system. You can adjust to any of the gears for an appropriate speed depending on your personal choice.
  • Smooth and Safe Riding: The newly central shock absorber has strong shock absorption and comfortable riding.
    • Provides safety, balance, speed, and stability for your cycling.
  • Ergonomic Seat: Ride in comfort with a comfortable bike cushion.  *Note: The height of the handlebar is not adjustable, and we do not recommend customers modify them. If you need to refit, please go to a professional bicycle shop for help.
  • Aluminum Alloy Frame: The frame is made from a sturdy aluminum alloy material. This makes the bike robust enough to withstand rough terrains and a heavyweight of 265 pounds.
    • Lightweight and compact built, Head tube Ø51*Ø51*120L.

We have an expert support staff. So, should you feel dissatisfied, check out our easy return policy guidelines and warranty, then reach out to us for assistance.

Ecotric Tornado Owner's Manual  Download Link.

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Ecotric Tornado 48V 750W Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike - Specifications

Model Size   1800*630*1050mm
Motor Rear Hub 48V 750W
Display Ecotric Smart LCD with USB port 
Front Brake  Hydraulic Disc 160mm Rotor
Derailleur  7 Speed Shimano
Frame Aluminum Alloy
Fenders Optional
Weight Capacity 265lb
Weight with Battery 62lb
Battery 48V 12AH
Charging Time 6-8 Hours
Sensor Speed Sensor 
Rear Brake Hydraulic Disc 160mm Rotor
Functions Throttle with Pedal Assist
Tires  26’’ X 2.35’’ Tires
Battery Life 400-600 Cycles
Recommended Rider Refer To the size guide
Brake System Left Brake For Rear/Right Brake For Front
Tornado size guide - Ecotric Tornado 48V 750W Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike


Q: How long does it take to deliver?
A: For more information about the shipment, check our Zoom electric bikes shipping policy

Q: How much does it weigh?
A: 62 Pounds with battery.

Q: Can the battery be removed from the bike?
A: Yes. You have to use the key to unlock it before it can be removed.

Q: What is the weight limit?
A: 265 lbs

Q: Is the bike foldable?
A: No.

You can also add Ecotric Tornado Electric Bike Replacement Battery - A spare battery can double the distance you travel. You can completely immerse yourself in the journey without being bothered by low power.

Ecotric E-Bikes come with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects and workmanship. Please click on this link for the Ecotric warranty details

Customer Reviews

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Bill Mattocks

Specifications will tell you it has a comfort suspension seat post; it does not. It has a twist throttle and pedal assist. Specs will also tout the 7 speed derailleur... WOW... that makes it a rare ebike! An incredibly smooth and powerful bike!!!!! This thing is a bargain even when not on sale. My wife and I bought two of these and you should see her grin every time she tops a rocky road hill, not even breathing hard. They use brand name, high quality parts when they build these beasts. GREAT bike...