Emojo Bull 500W 48V UL-Certified Electric Trike

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Check out the all-new Emojo Bull 500W 48V Electric Trike - the epitome of seamless and enjoyable riding. With its sleek 8.5" low step-through design, the Emojo Bull redefines ease of use, making it the perfect favorite choice for seniors or anyone seeking a hassle-free triking experience. Mounting and dismounting become a breeze, allowing you to focus on the joy of the ride.

Embark on a journey of freedom with the Emojo Bull's impressive range of up to 65 miles on a single charge, extendable to 100 miles with an optional extra battery. The dynamic 7-speed gear system ensures versatility across all terrains, from uphill climbs to breezy descents, promising a smooth and energy-efficient ride. Safety is paramount with the Emojo Bull's differential-driven design, offering superior handling on uneven terrains and ensuring stability during turns.

Certified to UL2849

This feature-packed electric trike comes equipped with features like an integrated headlight, rear brake light, thumb throttle, and an LCD display providing real-time information. The Emojo Bull 3-wheel electric tricycle is designed for comfort, convenience, and safety. With Emojo's commitment to quality, backed by an industry-leading warranty, the Bull Electric Trike is not just a mode of transport; it's an invitation to a richer, more adventurous lifestyle. Seize the opportunity to own the Emojo Bull and embrace the freedom of the open road!

Emojo Bull 3 Wheel Electric Trike Step Through Frame

Ultra-Low Frame - Ride With Ease

The Emojo Bull boasts a sleek 8.5" step-through design. Crafted for ease, its unrivaled low stand-over height transforms mounting and dismounting into a seamless act. It's the perfect choice for seniors or anyone who's found conventional trikes a challenge.

Emojo Bull 3 Wheel Electric Trike Step Through Frame Lifestyle Photo

Up To 100 Miles Of Freedom

Dive into the Electric Trike's expansive realm with up to 65 miles on one charge. Eager for more? An optional extra battery is available for purchase to extend the range to 100 miles. Longer rides, richer experiences.

Emojo Bull 3 Wheel 500W 48V Electric Trike Step Through Frame

Conquer Terrain With 7-Speeds

This Emojo Bull’s dynamic 7-speed gear system ensures you're ready for every adventure—be it uphill climbs or breezy descents. Experience unmatched versatility, enjoying a ride that's smooth, adaptable, and energy-efficient across all terrains.

Emojo Bull 3 Wheel Electric Trike Step Through Frame

Differential-Driven Safety

Emojo Bull trikes boast a differential for superior handling on uneven terrains. By allowing rear wheels to turn at varying speeds, it ensures stability and prevents skids during turns. Tackle challenging surfaces confidently with Emojo Bull.

Emojo Bull 500W 48V Electric Trike Features:

Integrated Headlight: Experience clear visibility with our ultra-bright LED headlight, seamlessly powered by the main battery and effortlessly controlled at your fingertips.

Rear Brake Light: Bright LED rear brake light with integrated reflector boosts Emojo’s safety. Ensures visibility at night and signals braking. Powered by the main battery.

Thumb Throttle: Experience effortless power with our thumb throttle. Choose to use throttle-only or pedal alongside. Ergonomic leatherette grips ensure a comfortable touch.

LCD Display: Displays speed, battery level, PAS level, and miles-ridden; backlight ensures visibility in the dark.

Differential: A differential guarantees the trike turns effectively. An electric trike with a differential will accelerate, turn, and brake more predictably and safely.

emojo caddy 500w 48v fat tire electric trike

Emojo Bull 500W 48V Electric Trike - Specifications

Motor type: DC Brushless
Motor power:
Rated voltage: 48 V
Maximum speed: 20 Miles/ Hour
Battery range: 45 Miles
Battery charging time: 4 - 6hours
Battery type: Lithium-Ion
Battery capacity: 48V/14Ah
Dimensions (inch): 70L X 28 W X 40 H
Frame: Aluminum 6061
Max. user weight: 300 lbs
Vehicle weight: 80 lbs (with battery)
Transmission type post: 7-speed
Front brake type: Mechanical Disc
Rear brake type: Mechanical Disc
Tire size: 20 x 2.5"
Stand over height: 8.5in
Seat to ground: Min: 25in/ Max: 35in
Front basket: NUM
Rear basket: 21 x 17.5 x 5in
Handlebar height: Min: 32in / Max: 38in
Motor brand: Emojo
Battery brand: XNW (Brand with quality insurance)

Emojo E-Bikes come with a comprehensive warranty against manufacturing defects and workmanship. Please click on the link for the Emojo warranty details.
emojo warranty policy

Emojo Bull 500W 48V Electric Tricycle Measurements:

 Emojo Bull Adult 3 Wheel Electric Tricycle Measurements

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