Emojo Streetrod 750W 48V Electric Bike

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Discover the power of Emojo Streetrod's 20Ah long-range battery, designed for the avid adventurer in mind. Experience unparalleled freedom with up to 60 miles on a single charge, ensuring your journeys are longer and uninterrupted. Whether commuting or exploring, our battery ensures you ride further, faster, and with unmatched endurance.

Experience ultimate comfort with our eBike's extended seat cushion, tailored for those who prioritize well-being on the go. This thoughtfully designed feature allows for easy posture adjustments, ensuring every ride is as comfortable as the last. Whether you're commuting or leisurely cruising, our adaptable seat ensures a seamless blend of comfort and flexibility.

Emojo Emojo Streetrod 750W 48V Electric Bike Features:

  • Hydraulic Breaks-Hydraulic brakes provide superior stopping power, consistency, low maintenance, and a smooth feel for enhanced safety and control.
  • Rear Shock - Rear shock is a suspension component that absorbs bumps and uneven terrain, enhancing rider comfort and improving handling stability.
  • Double LED Lights - Emojo Streetrod's double LED lights provide enhanced illumination for safer nighttime riding and improved visibility in low-light conditions.
  • Horn The integrated horn is a built-in audible alert system on the bike, ensuring safer communication with other road users.

Emojo Emojo Streetrod 750W 48V Electric Bike Specifications

Motor type DC Brushless
Motor power 750W
Rated Voltage 48V
Maximum speed on PAS 20MPH
Battery range Up to 60 Miles
Battery charging time 4-6 hours
Battery type Lithium-Ion
Battery capacity 48V/16Ah
Dimensions (inch) 70L * 29W * 45H
Frame Aluminum
Max user weight 330 lbs
Vehicle weight 82 lbs (with battery)
Transmission type Single Speed
Front brake type Hydraulic brake
Rear brake type Hydraulic brake
Tire size 20" x 4.0"


Emojo Streetrod 750W 48V Electric Bike Size:

Emojo Wildcat Pro 48V 750W Electric Mountain Bike


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