EUNORAU FAT-AWD All Wheel Drive 48V, 250W+350W Commuter Fat Tire Electric Bike

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Transform your daily commute or go on an adventure ride with the Eunorau Fat AWD Electric Bike! Affordable yet made with high-quality products, the Fat-AWD is a full-featured fat tire commuter bike that will easily get you through traffic and congested streets with a 40-mile range for your daily commute. It is also versatile enough to handle the rough terrain on hills and trails for your weekend adventure.

The EUNORAU FAT-AWD is a unique all-wheel-drive fat tire E-Bike featuring dual motors - a 250W front wheel hub motor and a 350W rear wheel hub motor providing the best assistance when riding on a bumpy road or navigating difficult off-road terrain. Depending on your ride, you can now choose to engage both motors simultaneously, or just the rear or front motor.

This bike comes loaded with so many features at no additional cost - including metal fenders, rear rack, an integrated front headlight, and a battery-powered rear light. You have the option to select throttle and pedal assist and you get better stable traction in loose terrain with the pull of two motors and the extra weight of the unit.

There is a 250w front-geared motor, and a 350w rear-geared motor. In many states, it is legally classified as an electric bicycle, as the vehicle doesn’t exceed a total of 750w of power.

The system is operated by a single battery that locks into position, a single controller, and a single set of controls that are at the front. To operate the system is simple: on the right side of the handlebars is a red rocker switch where you get to choose which motors to operate. The throttle and pedal assist function like any other - driving the wheels depending on the position of the rocker switch. With the switch positioned in the middle - both motors will be functioning. When turned to the left, only the front motor will be switched on, and when turned right—the rear motor.

EUNORAU FAT-AWD All Wheel Drive 48V, 250W+350W Commuter Fat Tire Electric Bike

EUNORAU FAT-AWD Product Features

  • 250W Front-Mounted Motor: A hub motor in the front wheel can crank out a continuous 250W watts of power with the ability to ratchet things up to over 350 peak watts of power for hill climbs and quicker acceleration. This motor has 45 Newton meters of torque.
  • 350W Rear-Mounted Motor: A hub motor in the rear wheel can crank out continuous 350W watts of power with the ability to ratchet things up to over 500 peak watts of power for hill climbs and quicker acceleration. This motor has 60 Newton meters of torque.
  • Removable Lithium-Ion Battery: This removable battery system is a game-changer that offers unmatched convenience when recharging. With a simple twist of a key, you can take out the battery and put it to charge.
  • Motor Selector Switch: Turn the switch to the left to get the front motor to start; turn it to the right to get the rear motor going. When the switch is in the middle, you’ll hear the monster dual motors roar!
  • LCD Display: The LCD display has a dark background and bright numerics and is easy to read even in direct sunlight. With waterproof connectors, it displays battery life, speed, and distance, and has push mode - a feature to use in the circumstance of pushing the bike uphill.
  • Rack and Fenders: These fenders come in great use. They will keep your bike clean, and come with an integrated taillight, and if you ever need to carry some extra gear, don’t worry— just strap on the rear rack and make your way!
  • 6V-60V LED Headlight: Light the path with the front light powered by the bike's battery. It can be turned on/off on the handlebar control pad. The headlight is bright enough to make night driving much safer and more enjoyable.
  • Chain Wheel With Cover: The double-sided aluminum bash guard on this model helps protect the chainring teeth from strikes, while also keeping the chain locked firmly into place. There is also a built-in chain guide to reduce the chances of derailing.
  • Shimano 7 Speed Gear Shift System: With this Shimano 7 speed freewheel, there is a larger cog for up-hill riding and a smaller cog for high-speed riding. Speed can be easily adjusted with the pedal-assist system.

EUNORAU FAT-AWD All Wheel Drive 48V, 250W+350W Fat Tire Electric Bike

EUNORAU FAT-AWD All Wheel Drive 48V, 250W+350W, Commuter Fat Tire Electric Bike - Specifications

Battery 48V/15.6Ah
Range 35+Miles with a single hub motor
Motor: 48V/250W+350W geared hub motor with 45 N.m+45 N.m torque
Total Payload Capacity 375 lbs
Recommended Rider Heights 5'3" ~ 6'1"
Maximum Speed 20 Miles / Hour
Charger US standard 2.0 A smart charger
Controller 48V / 15A * 2
Display DZ29 displayy

78.3 lbss

Pedal Assist Intelligent
0~5 level pedal assist
Box Dimensions
(cm) 173 L x 30 W x 82 H
Tires Kenda Krusade Sport Tires 26" x 4.0"/ 24" X 4.0"
Brake lever Promax Disc Brakes Lever with motor cutoff switch
Rear Light Taillight
Shifter Shimano 7 speed gear shift system
Brake Rotor Promax 160MM Disc Brakes
Throttle Half Twist Throttle
Crank 170mm forged alloy
Gearing Shimano 14-28T
Handlebar Mid-Rise, Aluminum Alloy, 650mm Length
Frame Material Aluminum Alloy 26*17.5inch
Stem Aluminum Alloy Promax MA-400
Pedal Wellgo Aluminum Alloy Platform with Reflectors
Front Light Integrated LED light
Saddle Velo Plush, Height to Ground 33"-38" for 26" One
Tool Included
Chainring 46T chain-wheel crank
Rims 26 inch Black Alloy
Seat Post Promax, Aluminum Alloy

* EUNORAU has the right without notice to the consumer to substitute components of at least equal quality for advertised EUNORAU ebike components in the event of the unavailability of such advertised components.

EUNORAU FAT-AWD All Wheel Drive 48V, 250W+350W Commuter Fat Tire Electric Bike Geometry

Eunorau comes with an unmatched 24-month warranty against manufacturing defects and workmanship. Please click on the link below for Eunorau's warranty details.
Eunorau Warranty Policy Link

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Talon Palmater
Fast and practical

What a machine, takes on the Canadian winter like nothing. Some complain how a single motor on this bike is a little too slow, but I enjoy them as it gives you more options for throttle response as both motors are quite snappy and you don't always want that.

Samuel Doherty
Riding much easier

I just brought home my lovely bike. So happy with it. I hadn’t ridden a bike since I was a teenager and I’m now in my mid fifties. I thought it’s now or never. Apparently you don’t forget how to ride a bike, but in fact you can lose confidence. I rode it home in the dusk and found it a comfortable ride. Battery on pedal assist mode even up hill. Battery support for hills is really great. If the hill is a bit steep just use a bit more battery support.On the flat or shallow hill just cycle or use throttle, and use pedal assist mode if you need it. I’m very happy with the bike!

Love it

My boyfriend and I had so much fun on this electric bike tour!!


The BIKE is very cool!

Perfect for my daily commute in San Fran

After researching what bike to use for my daily commute, I am glad I got the Eunorau FAT-AWD. This bike totally makes my San Francisco hilly commute so much easier. I can switch between peddle or throttle assist, engage both motors and the battery range goes a long way. Highly recommend.