MotoTec Drifter 500W 48v 12Ah Electric Trike

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MotoTec Drifter 500W 48V 12Ah Electric Trike 

The new MotoTec Motorized Drifter Trike delivers high power and speeds for the ultimate drifting ride. Having a front-powered wheel allows the rider to hold precise drifts versus a rear-powered model. The front wheel uses a 500w 48v hub motor with 4 large 12v 12ah batteries and reaches speeds of 22 mph. It includes long comfortable footrests, a front hydraulic disk brake, adjustable handlebars, a seat that folds down and easily changeable plastic disks around the rear tires.

MotoTec Drifter 500W 48v 12Ah Electric Trike

MotoTec Drifter 48v Electric Trike Specifications

Motor 500 Watt Brushless Hub Motor
Battery Four 12v 12ah Batteries (48v total)
Max Weight Capacity 240 Lbs.
Recommended Age 13 and up
Charger Included
Battery life Over 300 charges
Rated Speed 22 MPH (weight dependant)
Range per charge 10-20 Miles*
Recharge time 4-8hrs
Front Hydraulic Disk
Climbing Ability 15 Degrees
Seat Wide Saddle/Foldable
Front Wheel Diameter 70/90-14 78CM
Rear Tires Diameter 10x4.5-5 27CM
Shipping Weight 122 lbs
Shipping Carton Size 33x30x18 inches
Warranty 30 days parts replacement

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