Mukkpet Breeze 750W 48V, Dual Battery, Step-Thru Cargo Utility Electric Bike

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Introducing the Mukkpet Breeze 750W 48V Dual Battery Step-Thru Electric Cargo Utility Bike – the ultimate companion for your eco-friendly adventures! Engineered with precision and passion, this powerhouse on wheels boasts a formidable 750W Brushless Hub Motor, paired with not one, but TWO 48V 15AH Batteries, providing an astounding total capacity of 30AH. Say goodbye to range anxiety as you cruise through city streets or conquer rugged terrain with ease, enjoying up to a remarkable 100 miles on a single charge.

Crafted for convenience and comfort, the Mukkpet Breeze features a sleek 20” Aluminum frame with a step-thru design for easy mounting and dismounting, making it perfect for riders of all ages. Its 20*4.0 Fat Tires offer superior traction and stability, ensuring a smooth ride whether you're tackling hills or navigating busy streets. With a Shimano 7-speed derailleur, 180MM Mechanical Disc Brakes, and a Half Twist Grip Throttle, you'll experience unparalleled control and responsiveness as you zip to your destination at a thrilling top speed of 28 miles/hour.

Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to elevate your ride – seize the moment and embrace the freedom of electric biking today!

Mukkpet Breeze 750W 48V Step-Through Electric Cargo Bike Features

  • POWERFUL Dual Battery Powerhouse:Enjoy extended adventures with not one, but TWO 48V 15AH Batteries, boasting a total capacity of 30AH for an impressive range of up to 100 miles on a single charge.
  • Robust Performance:Conquer any terrain with confidence thanks to the powerful 750W Brushless Hub Motor, delivering exhilarating speeds of up to 28MPH for swift and effortless rides.
  • Comfortable and Versatile Design:Cruise in style and comfort with a sleek 20” Aluminum frame featuring a step-thru design, perfect for riders of all ages, while the 20*4.0 Fat Tires provide exceptional traction and stability.
  • Precision Control:Experience seamless handling and precise braking with a Shimano 7-speed derailleur and 180MM Mechanical Disc Brakes, coupled with a Half Twist Grip Throttle for intuitive maneuverability.
  • Convenient Charging and Monitoring:Stay in control with an intuitive LCD Color Display and a 48V 25A Controller, while the inclusion of dual 3A Chargers ensures quick and efficient charging for minimal downtime between adventures.

We have expert support staff available. Should you feel dissatisfied, check out our easy return policy guidelines and warranty, then reach out to us for assistance.

Mukkpet Breeze 750W 48V, Dual Battery, Step-Thru Cargo Utility Electric Bike - Authorized Dealer

Mukkpet Breeze 750W 48V, Dual Battery Step-Thru Electric, Cargo Utility Bike - Specifications

Motor 750W Brushless Hub Motor
Battery Dual 48V 15AH Batteries (30AH in total)
LCD Color Display
Controller r 48V 25A Controller
Charger Dual 3A Chargers
Frame 20” Aluminum frame
Tires 20*4.0 Fat Tires
Brake 180MM Mechanical Disc Brake
Derailleur Shimano 7 speed
Throttle Half Twist Grip Throttle
Top Speed 28 Miles/Hour
Throttle Twist throttle
Weight Limit Maximum Payload Capacity is 300 lbs
Range Up to 100 miles

Mukkpet Electric Bike Warranty Information

Mukkpet provides a manufacturer's warranty against manufacturing defects and workmanship.  For more information click here!

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