Velowave Prado S 750W 48V Fat Tire Commuter Electric Bike

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Outdoor enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes will enjoy the Velowave Prado S. This rugged bike is perfect for commuting or leisurely riding day or even evening cruising. Its headlight produces an intense and far-reaching glare, while the wide seat pad ensures you'll be comfortable on long rides. The rear and front fenders keep your pants clean, while the durable aluminum frame can withstand anything you can throw at it!

The built-in multifunction LED display tells you battery life, speed and kilometers traveled. The Prado S is perfect for long journeys as well as short trips around town.

Velowave Prado S is a recreational electric bike designed for everyone. This is a complete package including everything you need to go from a beginner to an expert. With features like a 750w motor, fat tires, and suspension, this is the ultimate bike for all your adventures. Whether you're going to work, getting groceries, or running errands--our electric bike is ready to tackle any terrain with ease.

Prado S is suitable for commuting, grocery shopping, picnics, and visits. Step-through, 4-inch tires are designed for a more comfortable ride. The swept-back handlebar enlarges the field of vision. A suspension fork, fat tires, and a 750w motor make the Prado S not only limited to urban riding but also effortlessly on off-country riding.

The optional front and rear baskets maximize the storage. Don't worry about running out of space to put your belongings.

Velowave Prado S 750W 48V Fat Tire Commuter Electric Bike Features:

  • 750W Geared Hub Motor: Strong and powerful, providing strong electric power and making it stable to reach speed peaks. You can cruise around with little to no effort. Wait, climbing the hill, no problem.
  • 48V 15Ah LF Battery: Removable Lithium Battery-PRADO S comes with a 48V/15AH lithium battery with LG cells, covering a range of 25-40+ miles per full charge. Removable and water-resist battery, safe and convenient to bring home or office to recharge. Support fast charge, charge to about 80% in 4 hours, and fully charge in 8 hours.
  • Front Hydraulic Suspension Fork: When riding on bumpy roads, the vibration of the frame is reduced. PRADO S e-bike makes the ride more stable, more comfortable, and easier to control. It avoids excessive vibration which may cause the hands to off the handlebars to improve safety. A PRADO S with a hydraulic suspension fork is a very smart choice.
  • We Love Fat tire Bikes: PRADO S features Innova 20"*4.0" Fat Tires. The fat tire never let us down, and the ride was comfortable and smooth when we cranked up the throttle. Even if it is on sand or mud, they will not affect us to ride forward easily. Recommended tire pressure in summer: 15-20psi.
  • Shimano 7-Speed Drivetrain: With Shimano 7-Speed drivetrain shifts smoothly, and helps you adjust the riding speed for different road sections and conditions. Enhance your riding experience. The more approachable handlebar is comfortable all the way.
  • High-Luminance Headlight:The bright headlight provides a safer and more enjoyable environment for night riding. Easy riding day and night.
  • Comfortable Wide Saddle-Prado S:We focus on details, and for a more comfortable riding experience, we choose a widened and enlarged comfortable seat pad.
  • Thoughtful Design:Prado S electric bike comes with a fender. No muddy and dirty.
  • 6061 Aluminum Body Frame:Rear rack integrated with 6061 Aluminum Body frame. The matte coloring process body is in 3 classic colors. DIY space on the rack side. You can add stickers or graffiti. You’ll love it!
  • Multifunction Color Display+Thumb Throttle:Provides power assist level, battery indicator, riding speed, and mileage data, helps to better control your riding status and to achieve better exercise results. Thumb throttle control is also generally considered a safer option, especially for inexperienced riders.
  • Hydraulic Dic Brake System:Very smooth and can play a good braking effect under any conditions. More suitable for people with less strength or beginners who can easily stop the e-bike with a light touch of the brake lever.
  • Great Handlebar:Swept-back bars provide a neutral wrist position and create an upright posture that is comfortable and easy to see, which is great for commuters.

Buyer Protection: We have an expert support staff. Should you feel dissatisfied, check out our easy return policy guidelines and warranty. and reach out to us for any assistance

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Velowave Prado S 750W 48V Fat Tire Commuter Electric Bike Specifications

Motor Geared Hub Motor, Rated 750W, Peak 1275W, Max Torque 55NM (BAFANG Hub Motor available only on Version 2)
Battery 48V 15Ah Lithium-Ion Battery, LG Cells
Charger 48V 2Amp
Derailleur Shimano 7-speed
Display Multifunctional Color-Screen Display
Throttle Thumb Throttle
Tires Fat Tires
Frame 6061 Aluminum
Brakes Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Fork Hydraulic Suspension Fork
Tire Innova 20"*4.0" Fat Tires
Kickstand Side kickstand
Pedal Assist Cadence Sensor
Charger 48V 2Amp
Controller 48V 25Amp peak
Speed Limited to 25 kilometers/hour

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Velowave E-Bikes come with a manufacturer's warranty against manufacturing defects and workmanship. Please click on the link for the Velowave warranty details.
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Customer Reviews

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Wonderful ride

Well packed against damage, easy to assemble and a grate ride! The power of the battery and motor is impressive. I only had the bike for 3 days but my wife was quickly able to the big differences between an electric bike and her conventional one!